Some recent examples of creative design solutions from iDesign...

FREMANTLE OUTLOOK (click to view)
Customer Brief
- Use passive solar design
- Maximise views to front of home

Design Challenges
- Build two storey home for a 10m wide block.
- Design a functional upside down home.

iDesign Creative Design Solution
- Using a cathedral ceiling to the upper floor balcony allows winter sun to penetrate the main living area.
- Using obscure glass to the meals area allows large windows to be placed close to the boundary on the second floor.


WINTER COTTAGE (click to view)
Customer Brief
- Provide passive solar design.
- Maximise site coverage.

Design Challenges
- Accommodate sewer easement on right hand side of block.
- Designing single storey home for 12m wide block.

iDesign Creative Design Solution
- By consultation with the water corporation it was established that the garage could straddle the sewer line by using piling.
- Locating the bedrooms and lounge room in the middle of the home allowed the rear living area to receive winter sun.


THE COURTYARD (click to view)
Customer Brief
- Provide 180 degree views from upper floor.
- Design a private and sheltered courtyard.

Design Challenges
- New home to be built in wind zone area.
- Developer building envelope restricted home design.

iDesign Creative Design Solution
- The final design opts for an indented balcony for maximum wind protection.
- Consulting with the shire, developer and neighbour allowed the building envelope to be dismissed.
- Designing a C shaped home provided a private 65m2 entertaining area.


Customer Brief
- Maximise passive solar design.
- Provide secure parking for 3 cars.
- Allow for installation of pool.

Design Challenges
- Front boundary is too narrow for 3 car garage.
- Home design needed zoning for parents, pool and pets.
- Clients wanted pool to be feature of home.

iDesign Creative Design Solution
- By relocating the 3rd garage from the primary street to the secondary street, the teenager was able to gain access directly into their zone.
- Positioning both garages on the zero lot line effectively sealed the block, providing better security and no escape route for the dogs.
- Building a glass sided entry hall with dark floor tiles provided a winter heater for the home and viewing window for the pool.


THE WHARF (click to view)
Customer Brief
- Provide usable living areas to upper and lower floors.
- Comply with developers design covenants.
- Design a new home to maximise potential views from both upper and lower floors.

Design Challenges
- Design a two storey homes on a 12m wide narrow lot.
- Potential views all face prevailing SW winds.
- Design a home to address three street frontages.

iDesign Creative Design Solution
- By seeking neighbours approval the home is designed with a two storey zero lot line wall.
- With the provision for caf blinds the home owners will be able to use the large balcony year round.



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